Community Problem Solving

CmPS provides one of the most significant learning experiences available to a student confronting a real-life problem. A community problem may be one that exists within the school setting, local community, region, state, or nation. CmPS is not part of Governor’s Cup, but the awards for CmPS are presented at the FPS Component Events Award Ceremony immediately preceding the Governor’ Cup State Finals Award Ceremony in March.


Participation Guidelines

There are two types of CmPS: Individual and Team.

CmPS teams are limited to 15 students and 2 coaches. There is no limit to the number of projects or teams, and two or more schools may combine to form a team. CmPS Divisions are:

  • Junior – Grades 4-6
  • Middle Grades – Grades 7-9
  • High School – Grades 10-12


  • Intent to Submit: Week of November 29 through December 3, 2021
  • Written Proposal: Winter Break through January 7, 2022
  • Project Report:  Monday, February 28, 2022


The registration fee is $75 per each entry in both Team and Individual CmPS. Each registered team receives a packet of materials to aid them in their project.

How to Begin

Generate ideas from classroom discussions, local issues, literature, local newspapers, agencies, magazines, and churches as well as from the students themselves. Interview community members for ideas about problem areas. Talk with city officials, school board members and leaders of community action groups.

Evaluation uses criteria from the international CmPS standards and will take place before the State Finals. Teams will attend the KAAC sponsored State Finals for component events and Governor’s Cup.  Teams will supply additional supporting materials:  Portfolio and Display and be part an interview with our state evaluators. The promotional video about the team's project may be submitted, but it will not be scored.  The advancing teams to IC will be announced at the FPS Component Events Award Ceremony immediately preceding the Governor’s Cup Award Ceremony. Your team does not need to be present at the awards ceremony to advance to the International competition.

QUESTIONS about billing? Email Cindy Clark

QUESTIONS about the event? Email Brenda Darnell

Team CmPS Registration

Individual CmPS Registration