Who Needs to Get Certified?

Quick Recall and FPS Coaches

Each Quick Recall and FPS team must have a certified coach prior to District Governor's Cup. If you don't field a Quick Recall or FPS team, you do not have to be certified as a coach.

Head Quick Recall coaches must be certified either at the KAAC Conference or at a KAAC certification clinic. They may not be certified as a coach by passing the online quiz.

No specific training is required to enter students in Composition and Written Assessment.

Quick Recall and FPS Officials

In order to meet your school’s participation requirements for Governor’s Cup, Future Problem Solving, and other KAAC competitions, KAAC requires each school to supply competition officials for specific events in which a school registers. For specific participation requirements for each KAAC competition, refer to that competition’s main page.

Quick Recall officials and FPS evaluators must be certified. See the "Links and Resources" section below for certification clinics.

Check out the Officials: Requirements and Restrictions page to see who can and cannot fill each official position.


How to Get Certified

KAAC provides over 200 local training opportunities for Governor’s Cup, Sixth Grade Showcase, and JV Challenge. Online advanced registration is required for all KAAC training. There are multiple ways you can get certified:

Quick Recall

Some Quick Recall sessions may be offered virtually via teleconference. However, the slots are limited and once a virtual session is full there will not be any "onsite" registrations accepted.

Head Coaches

Option 1: at the September KAAC Conference
Option 2: at a Quick Recall Certification Clinic

Assistant Coaches and Officials

Option 1: at the KAAC Conference
Option 2: at a local Quick Recall Certification Clinic
Option 3: Be trained by another KAAC-trained coach then score 80% or better on this online quiz.

Future Problem Solving

Head Coaches & Evaluators

Option 1: at the September KAAC Conference
Option 2: at an FPS Certification Clinic

Links & Resources

Why Become a Coach?

It’s easy for the academically focused students to fall through the cracks and not reach their full potential as both students and leaders. As a coach, you have the opportunity to champion academic strengths and facilitate personal growth to help your students succeed in higher education and beyond. By fostering relationships among teammates, you provide a sense of belonging and an environment where intelligence and creativity are celebrated.

The Role of a Coach

A Coach Needs to:

  • Help lead, motivate, and challenge students.
  • Facilitate practice sessions for students.
  • Identify student strengths in relation to subject matter and competition formats.
  • Understand the competitions you’re coaching.
  • Attend respective competitions.

A Coach Does NOT Need to:

  • Know and understand all subject matter. Instead, use our resources and bring in your own subject matter experts.
  • Spend a lot of money. That’s because we provide tools to help you secure administrative support.
  • Figure it all out on your own. Instead, connect with other coaches at the KAAC Coaches Conference to learn what free resources they utilize.

Other Questions?

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