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Students/Teams can register at the link below to take part in the inaugural Pre-Season Content Assessment Week.

There is no limit to the number of tests each student can take, so if you want to take all subjects go for it.

Schedule  HS & MG / EL:

Monday, Oct 16/Dec 4 - Math

Tuesday, Oct 17/Dec 5  - Science

Wednesday, Oct 18/Dec 6 - Social Studies

Thursday, Oct 19/Dec 7 - Language Arts

Friday, Oct 20/Dec 8 - Arts & Humanities

Each day the test window will be open from 2-8 pm.

Test Info:

HS/MG: 50 questions + 10 tiebreakers

EL: 30 questions + 6 tiebreakers

The top 50 scores in HS/MG and top 20 in EL each test get recognition on the website.


$20 per test per student

15% discount for orders of 10-24 tests

25% discount for orders of 25+ tests