Junior Division FPS

KAAC sponsors FPS Junior Division for students in grades 4-6. The Junior Division is offered as a separate competition and is not part of Governor’s Cup Competition.

Participation Guidelines

A team of four students in grades 4-6 may participate in the Junior Division of FPS. Please be aware that students may not take part in both the State Competition of Junior Division FPS and Middle Grades State Finals FPS, because the events are held simultaneously. Sixth grade students may not participate in the Elementary division of Governor’s Cup.  Each registered team must provide a certified FPS evaluator to score JR Division booklets in December.


  • Qualifying Competition: December 7, 2023
  • State Competition: March 9, 2024 at the Governor’s Cup State Finals.


$50 per team



Qualifying Competition

Volunteer to host the Junior Division qualifying competition on the sign-up form. While the competition date may not be changed, all teams participating at a particular site may choose their own start time. As soon as the registration date closes, host sites will be determined. An email notification will be sent to all coaches telling who will be hosting their respective competition.

State Competition

The Junior Division state competition is held at the same time the Middle Grades and High School Governor’s Cup FPS State Finals are held on the Friday of the Governor’s Cup State Finals.

Registration Deadline

Register before November 5 at the link below.


Substitutions may be made for any of the four players up until the time the competition begins. Remember–four students are required to participate for each team.


The qualifying booklets are evaluated after the original booklets are available electronically at KAAC. Booklets are recoded and emailed to the coaches to be scored by your local school’s certified FPS evaluators. All completed score sheets and ranks are due by January 4. Notification of advancement to state will be announced approximately three weeks following the the return of all score sheets with final rankings (anticipated date will be early February). The top teams are invited to the State Finals. Coaches may be required to assist with evaluation of State booklets, otherwise, the booklets will be scored by FPS trainers and experienced evaluators.

QUESTIONS about billing? Email Cindy Clark

QUESTIONS about the event? Email Chris Hill