Scenario Performance

Scenario Performance (ScP) was designed to sustain the oral storytelling traditions, thus participants showcase their creativity through verbal communication.  Remember, this is storytelling, not story writing.  Scenario Performance is not the memorization of lines for a drama, but should be "told" in a more natural or "spontaneous" nature.  In some instances, the presenter may be in front of a life audience, or a video submission taped in one sitting without  interruption. Each individual is encouraged to expand thier ideas, use thier personal style of verbal communication while emphasizing futuristic images of how the performance topic will changed in future times. 

Scenario Performers are required to use one of the current year's FPS topics as the foundation of the performance.  (See Topics link)  The storyline of the performance must emphasize the characters within the story through intriguing plotlines, captivating settings, as well as descriptive terms to support the changes or transitions as the characters grow and develop.  The ability to sing, dance or act is more appropriate for theater or drama club than for a Scenario Performance.

In Scenario Performance, a prediction of the future (20-30 years from now) must be evidenced in such a way that performing those predictions will place the story as though the future is the present. Futuristic concepts and trends are incorporated into the story, but a specific date is not required.

The best way to become acquainted with Scenario Performance is to view and listen to sample Performances and storytelling presentations. A winning Scenario Performance video example is found on FPSPI’s website or at this link.

Scenario Performance is not part of Governor’s Cup, but the awards for Scenario Performance are presented at the FPS Component Events Awards Ceremony immediately preceding the Governor’s Cup State Finals Awards Ceremony in March.


  • Junior – Grades 4-6
  • Middle Grades – Grades 7-9
  • High School – Grades 10-12


For our state's competition, the Scenario Performance will be a video recording that is uploaded to a secure channel and scored at the state level.  The performance will be limited to a time of 5 minutes.

> Overview

> Scoresheet

> Rules-Brief Summary

Required Submission Forms

All scenario entries must be sent electronically as an upload to the secure channel.    Any forms that require a signature must be scanned and sent by email to Brenda Darnell.

More information can be obtained from our website or by contacting Brenda Darnell.


$40 per entry

Evaluation Process

Scenarios are scored by:

  • FPS Trainer
  • Experienced Scenario Performance Coaches
  • Instructors with a passion for storytellying.

State Finals Awards

State Finals winners are announced during the FPS Component Event awards, held on the Monday of the Governor’s Cup State Finals. Kentucky’s top three scenarios advance to the final rounds of the FPS International Conference competition.


Use the link below to register. You must submit your Scenario Performance registration by Tuesday, January 30, 2023. Your video submission is due January 30, 2023.  We will send you an email confirmation when we receive your scenario.

Registration Limitations

You will be able to register mutiple students in multiple divisions with the same form.  However, if you coach students from multiple schools in Scenario Performance, it is best to use a separate form.  This form does not allow you to register students attending different schools on the same form.

QUESTIONS about billing? Email Cindy Clark

QUESTIONS about Scenario? Email Brenda Darnell