Online Certification

Beginning on September 14th, all individuals scoring composition will be required to perform a 30 minute certification video and assessment.

This certification process will ensure that evaluators are offering the best possible scoring quality for our students.

The link to the certification video will be posted here on September 14th.

Updated Composition Scoresheet

The composition scoresheet has been simplified to generate the most consistent and objective scoring  rubric for our students.

The updated scoresheet will be available here beginning on September 14th.

Topic Overviews

Topics and descriptions for each level of composition are available below.

The topic overviews will provide students with a general description of the topic and various avenues to research in preparation for upcoming composition competitions.

Topic Overviews

League Practice Composition Topic: American History

Think about some of the events that have occurred in American history since 1860.  What is the significance of these events?  How did these events change life in America or fail to change it?   Similarly, think about the people who have lived since 1860 and their impact on society. These individuals may have impacted America on a national, state, or local level.  These events and/or people may even be controversial.

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Composition Topic: Social Relationships

Social relationships refer to the connections that exist between people who have recurring interactions that are perceived by the participants to have personal meaning. In the process of socialization, families and other institutions shape children's social identities by teaching them norms and behaviors based on their gender, race/ethnicity, nationality, etc. Numerous events within the past two decades have affected how we view and establish social relationships.  According to research, what are some of the current issues regarding social relationships? Research to determine the importance of social relationships on human psychology, social stability, trust building, social interactions, etc.


Composition Topic: Communication


Being able to communicate with others is more than just talking. Effective communication may include interpreting body language, tone, and facial expressions. As children grow, their ability to communicate with others needs to mature as well; however, sometimes there is something that interferes with developing the ability to communicate effectively with others.   Some famous individuals who struggled with communication include Helen Keller, Tiger Woods, Thomas Edison, and Beethoven. These people were able to overcome their early problems with communication, but some people are not so fortunate. What are some of the reasons why people may struggle with communication?  What are some of the problems that result from poor communication skills? Why is being able to communicate important?

District Composition Topic: Education

Early public schools in the United States were quite different from today’s school.  Instead of focusing on the familiar curriculum of reading, writing, math, etc., schools focused on teaching the virtues of family, religion, and community. In fact, public schools as we know them didn’t come into vogue until the 1930s, and education in America has continued to change to meet the needs of a changing population.  Research the issues that confront our schools today. What are some of the solutions being implemented to resolve these issues?

Region Composition Topic: Technology

Recent booms in technology have changed society, making life easier and more convenient for most of us. Advances in Artificial Intelligence have improved healthcare devices, impacted the entertainment industry, and created alternative methods to produce “art.”  What are some of the developments in technology that can benefit and/or harm society?  How has technology improved or damaged your quality of life?  What challenges do you see facing society as technology continues to develop and impact every decision that we make?

State Composition Topic: Environment

Human-environment interactions can change the trajectory of a species, a biome, a culture, and a nation.  Urbanization has taken away habitats from animals, and climate change has dislocated populations. Deforestation, unsustainable farming practices, harmful emissions, etc are just some of the factors contributing to environmental insecurity.  Through the lens of environmental geopolitics, we begin to understand such concepts as “climate security” or “resource conflict.”  What are some of the threats to environmental stability?  What are some of the solutions being offered to deal with environmental issues? Who should be held responsible for damage done to the environment?