Middle Grades Camp

2024 Dates are June TBA
Berea College

This camp is designed to foster Governor’s Cup–and classroom–success. It will feature instruction in five Subject Areas and in Future Problem Solving. Campers arrive on Monday morning and depart Thursday afternoon.


Staff includes the top academic team coaches in Kentucky.


Course offerings may change with demand. The registration form will always be the most up-to-date. Campers may choose from one of these three academic tracks:

  • Track 1 – three subject area courses
  • Track 2 – FPS Only


Lodging is dormitory style, two per room, with community bathrooms. A day camper option is also available when you register.


Registration is $400 prior to May 24 and $435 after that date.

KAAC must receive full payment by June 5 unless invoicing arrangements have been made. Those unpaid at that time will forfeit their reservation. Reservations are considered complete when full payment and the liability form are received.


A limited number of camp scholarships are available as part of the KAAC Outreach program. This year's application has closed.

Track 1: Subject Area Instruction

2024 Content


Course 1:

Geometry: Perimeter, Circumference, Area & Surface Area, Volume of Prisms, Cylinders, Cones, Pyramids, & Spheres.

Course 2:

Polynomials, Polynomial Factoring, Algebraic Fractions, Quadratics

Course 3:

Absolute Value, Integers, Rational Numbers, and Systems of Measurement


Course 1:

Regulation and Behavior, Populations, Ecosystems

Course 2:

Earth's Subsystems: Lithosphere, Atmosphere, Hydrosphere, Climate

Course 3:

Transfer of Energy: Heat, Electromagnetic Spectrum, Electricity. Solar System and Beyond.

Social Studies:

Course 1:

World Geography & Economics

Course 2:

World Civilization: Middle Ages, China, Islamic Empires, Americas, African Civilizations, and Medieval Europe

Course 3:

US History 1815-1860. Presidents and Great Political Figures.

Language Arts:

Course 1:

Vocabulary: Spelling, Definitions, Greek & Latin Roots/Affixes

Course 2:

Famous Poets & Poetry

Course 3:

Newberry Award Winners

Arts & Humanities:

Course 1:

Mythology: Greek and Roman

Course 2:

American Composers and their Works

Course 3:

Visual Art: Elements of Art, Music, Dance, and Drama. Dance: Dancers and Choreographers.

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