High School Camp

2023 Dates are June 19-22

Berea College

This camp is designed to foster Governor’s Cup–and classroom–success. It will feature instruction in Quick Recall, Written Assessment and Future Problem Solving. Campers arrive on Monday morning and depart Thursday afternoon.


Staff includes the top academic team coaches in Kentucky. A complete staff roster will be posted when finalized.


Course offerings may change with demand. The registration form will always be the most up-to-date. Campers may choose from one of these three academic tracks:

  • Track 1 – three subject area courses
  • Track 2 - FPS Only


Lodging is dormitory style, two per room, with private bathrooms in each room. A day camper option is also available when you register.


The fee is $400 per camper if you register before May 22 and $435 after that date. KAAC must receive full payment by June 2. Failure to meet this guideline will result in the forfeiture of your camp reservation. Reservations are considered complete when full payment and the liability form are received.


A limited number of scholarships are available through the KAAC Outreach program.

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Track 1: Subject Area Instruction

2023 Content


Course 1:

Number and Quantity: Real and Complex Numbers, Radicals, Rational Exponents. Number and Quantity: Vectors, Polar Coordinates, Matrices, Fractals. Number and Quantity: Set Theory, Base Changes, Sequences and Series, Binomial Theorem

Course 2:

Functions: Radian Measure, Unit Circle, Trigonometric Identities. Functions: Polynomial Functions (including End Behavior, Zeros, Rational Root Theorem, Remainder Theorem, Descartes Rule of Signs, Fundamental Theorem of Algebra) and Rational Functions

Course 3:

Statistics and Probability: Counting Principles, Probability of Independent and Dependent Events, Conditional Probability, Probability of Compound Events, 2-way frequency tables


Course 1:

Anatomy & Physiology (major). Protista, Monera, Fungi, Viruses (minor)

Course 2:

Organic and Biochemistry (major). Elements, Compounds, Periodic Table (minor)

Course 3:

Electricity & Magnetism (major). Vibrations, Waves, Sound (minor)

Social Studies:

Course 1:

Government: Types, Characteristics, International Organizations, and International Relations. Government: United States, Roles of Officials, Parties, Personnel, Constitution

Course 2:

World Civilization: Prehistory up to the Roman Civilization

Course 3:

American History: Prehistory and Pre-Columbian History. American History: Discovery and colonization (1492-1774)

Language Arts:

Course 1:

 American Literature 1800-1900

Course 2:

Medieval Literature (to 1400) including Arabic Faith-based Literature. Renaissance European and English Literature 1400-1600

Course 3:

Pulitzer Prize Winners: Fiction

Arts and Humanities:

Course 1:

Visual Art: Artists and Their Works. Visual Art: Periods, Themes, Styles, Historical & Cultural Aspects

Course 2:

Musical Theater, Opera, Operettas

Course 3:

Drama & Theater: Elements, Forms, Concepts, Historic & Cultural Aspects. Broadway Plays

Tentative Schedule

2023 Schedule is TBA

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Forms and Registration

You will need this form filled out per student before completing their registration. The form will be uploaded with their registration.

Registration Opens February 1, 2023