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Updated COVID-19 Guidance

In an effort to ensure safe, in-person competition during Governor’s Cup while responding to the challenges presented by the rise of the Omicron variant, the KAAC Board has issued updated COVID-19 guidance for 2022 Governor’s Cup District and Regional events:

Competition Format

All participants must travel to their District or Regional host school to compete in the online events of FPS, Composition, and Content Assessment, and for in-person Quick Recall. Students may not compete in any portion of the competition remotely.


Appropriate masks covering the face and nose must be worn by all individuals while on site at all KAAC events. Exceptions to this policy are:

  • Children 2 and under
  • Persons with a documented medical exemption previously submitted to the host school Contest Manager
  • Persons actively engaged in eating or drinking


Decisions on allowing, prohibiting, or limiting the presence of spectators should be made locally for District and Regional events through consultation among coaches and school administrators. KAAC recommends, at minimum, adherence to State Health Department guidelines in regard to spectators (e.g., physical distancing). KAAC requires masking for all attendees, including spectators. 

Health and safety protocols of the host school should prevail when more stringent than what may otherwise be determined as a result of competition planning.

Other Protocols

KAAC recommends host schools work with visiting schools to enact protocols beyond the measures above that will minimize the risk of transmission and prioritize in-person competitions this season. Such protocols may include, but certainly aren’t limited to, separation of teams for both competitions and in waiting areas, Quick Recall teams not switching sides at halftime, sanitizing shared equipment between matches, and the availability of hand sanitizer.

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