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2021 SLMS Cardinal Classic Academic Tournament 11/20/2021


Saturday, November 20th, 2021


South Laurel Middle School in London, KY – just 2 miles off of I-75

Who can compete?

Our tournament features two divisions – an Open Division and a Sixth-Grade Division.  The Open Division is made up of teams of any combination of 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students.  The Sixth-Grade division is open only to sixth graders.  Sixth grade students who compete in the Open Division cannot compete in the Sixth-Grade Division.

How much does it cost?

Open Division – $60 per team

Sixth-Grade Division – $60 per team (limit one per school)

Written Assessment

Written assessment will be done virtually during the week leading up to the tournament. 

Quick Recall

Each team in both divisions will play a MINIMUM of five (but probably six) rounds of quick recall.  Each team is required to bring TWO officials, one of whom can serve as a moderator and/or judge.  High school students are permitted to serve as scorekeepers, buzzer operators, and moderators.  A $20 discount is offered for schools who bring a third moderator/judge.  The tournament will follow KAAC quick recall format

Why should I bring my team?

Our tournament is perfectly timed to provide good competition for your sixth-graders just before Sixth Grade Showcase.  It’s also a great opportunity to provide valuable competition for your team as the academic leagues wind down and focus turns to Governor’s Cup.


To reserve your spot contact Chris Hibbard at (606) 682-6571 or via email at [email protected]

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